Auto Accident Recovery

Auto Accident Recovery

Common Auto Accident Symptoms

•Neck & Back Pain
•Numbness & Tingling
•Jaw Pain
•Shoulder Pain
•Knee & Ankle Pain

Chiropractic Care & Auto Accidents

Finding the right chiropractor is extremely important when dealing with auto accidents. Core Chiropractic Solutions treats everything from small fender benders to serious whiplash injuries. We will educate you on recovery side of your auto accident and make the process and easy as possible. Our staff will help you fill out all of the appropriate paperwork and our providers will make sure your documentation is thorough.

We will take you through the stages of care and implement gentle chiropractic care, stretches, corrective exercises and pain relief modalities when necessary. We also have a digital x-ray which is important to rule out fractures or ligamentous damage.

We work closely with other health care professionals such as, medical doctors, pain management doctors, orthopedic surgeons etc., to make sure your care is being appropriately managed. Each case is different and we take the appropriate measures to ensure our patients get the best care.

If you have recently been injured in an auto accident and have questions, call us as soon as possible. We offer free consultations and can help answer any questions you may have regarding your auto accident.

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