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Dr. Alison has additional post-doctoral training and experience in both pregnancy and pediatrics. Gentle and low force techniques are a safe and effective way of treating both expecting mothers and children.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Webster Technique

Webster Technique

Webster technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment. The goal of the adjustment is to improve nueromusculoskeletal (nerves, muscles, and bones) function within the pelvis. During pregnancy there is increased stress on the joints, muscles and ligaments that help stabilize the uterus. Creating balance within the pelvis using this technique may reduce the cause of difficult labor for the mother (i.e., dystocia).

Uterine Ligaments

“Rotational misalignment of the sacrum may result in a tightening and torsion of the utero-sacral ligament contributing to undue tension on the uterus. This may adversely affect labor progression, optimal fetal positioning, and natural, non-invasive birth outcome.” -Jeanne Ohm, DC.

Potential Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

•Maintain a healthier pregnancy
•Decrease neck pain, back pain, joint pain or sciatica
•Reduce the time of labor and delivery
•Decrease labor pain
•Prevent potential cesarean delivery

Factors That Influence Back Pain During Pregnancy:

Hormonal Production: There is an increase in hormonal production during pregnancy to allow the pelvis to spread as the baby grows. This causes the joints to be less stable which in turn causes pain.
Weight Gain: Women gain approximately 25-35 pounds during pregnancy, with the majority or extra weight distributed around the abdomen.
Postural Changes: Increase in postural strain as the body compensates for changes in the pregnant woman’s center of gravity. This will put increased stress on the pelvic muscles, joints and ligaments.

Articles and Resources to Make Informed Birth Choices:

Pediatric Care

Chiropractic care for children offers your family a solid foundation for wellness. Throughout pregnancy, birth, and childhood, the chiropractic lifestyle offers choices and benefits for your greater health and well-being. The following video and articles will help you understand the importance of the chiropractic family wellness lifestyle.

Children's Chiropractic Safety Research:

The ICPA has initiated a ground breaking study on the safety and effectiveness of chiropractic care for children. The preliminary results a re outstanding and show that chiropractic care is safe for children. Even more significant is that parents reported three unexpected improvements with their child's care:

1. Improved sleeping
2. Improved behavior and attitude
3. Improved immune system function
You can read the press release and abstracts here